3 Reasons Why AI-Connected Knowledge Bases are Vital in Customer Support

For years, artificial intelligence has had an overwhelming impact on the way we communicate and work. However, most people don’t even realize when it’s being used. The fact is, AI is working behind the scenes during the majority of today’s digital interactions. From receiving custom-tailored advertisements to making e-commerce purchases, AI is helping streamline a multitude of everyday tasks.

Another area artificial intelligence has started making a huge difference is in the customer support landscape. Chatbots that use AI to provide more compassionate, human-like service are now commonplace. This allows B2B organizations to provide a better customer experience. But AI can also aid in a support team’s performance by enhancing self-service knowledge bases. Let’s go over three ways they can help take your support operation to the next level.

Ensure Content Stays Up to Date

In order for a knowledge base to be effective, it needs to be current and relevant. AI can help automate content maintenance so both agents and clients have access to the very best information regarding a product or service. First, it can flag content that needs to be reviewed and updated. Second, AI is capable of providing suggestions for new content based on data pulled from customer support interactions. This allows a business to stay on top of their client’s needs and also give agents the information they require to provide top-notch service to customers who connect with them via phone or email.

Helping Agents Provide Better Service

Support agents rely on knowledge bases to assist them when providing service to clients over the phone. However, if they have to sift through an ocean of material, resolutions times suffer. With an AI-powered knowledge base, this is no longer a problem. Information regarding a support issue will be delivered to agents automatically. This means no more putting the client on hold or having to follow up with answers at a later time. Furthermore, AI can provide agents with the right content, even if it pertains to a different department. This allows them to assist clients without having to transfer them or get another team member involved.

Get New Agents Up to Speed

New members of a support team have a lot to learn before they provide the level of service seasoned agents can. Unfortunately, this can lead to client frustration. This is where AI will truly streamline the training process. When new agents are interacting with a client, they’ll be provided with content that’s relevant to the issue at hand. AI can generate this content in real time based on the conversation between the agent and client. Not only will this help new agents provide high-quality service, but it will also allow them to familiarize themselves with product information and get up to speed much faster.

Equip Your Knowledge Base with AI Technology

If you rely on a knowledge base to provide self-service customer support and assist your agents, it needs to be highly efficient. By adding AI capabilities, you can ensure the information you provide is first-rate and that delivery is seamless.

Let PhaseWare help boost the operation of your knowledge base by implementing customizable customer support software into your support operation. Contact us to get started.

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