Imperative Assets: Scalability

Why limit yourself? As an up-and-coming company, it may seem appealing to cut corners with your customer service software by purchasing a cookie cutter product, designed to get the job done for the moment. But this is a dangerous decision. When you are shopping for software, it pays to think from where you want to be: a large, successful company. What you need, ideally, is a product that can meet your needs as a growing company and have your back when you’ve made it big.

Scalability means the ability to collaborate information from more and more support tickets, without meeting with unwanted consequences. With PhaseWare’s unique set of features from the Tracker Suite, you will have no problem resolving customer concerns, anywhere from 10 a day to 10,000.  Here’s a few of the reasons why Tracker is your ideal solution.

 1. Integrations. PhaseWare has an expansive set of tools for integration that will make your life and you customer’s life a whole lot simpler. When you’re starting out, integrating information from your favorite apps to your customer service software may be feasible to accomplish manually. But with a larger company it just doesn’t work. The amount of time and effort saved by providing seamless integrations for your agents is invaluable, and one of the key ingredients to a scalable software.

2. A quick and easy KB. Word of mouth may be a functional way to get your information spread to your employees, if you only have six employees. The same does not hold true when you’re a thriving business across multiple floors and departments. Providing your team with a quick, easily searchable, broad, reliable knowledge base is essential. With the information they need at their fingertips, employees will not need to seek out advice or help from their superiors, so that their day goes more smoothly, and their superior’s day does, too.

3. Live chat. When your business starts to really take off, you will have to meet the demand for multichannel support across the board. This means providing live chat, among other routes. This function will resolve problems for customers who are not able or willing to commit to a phone call, but want their issues addressed as quickly as possible. With live chat, your representatives can field more concerns than one, reach out for support during an interaction, and ease the stress on the phone lines so that your whole workplace breaths a little easier.

Scalability is a many-faceted feature. Luckily, PhaseWare has them all! Your future company will thank you for making the right choice of customer support software from the get-go.

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