How to See Success with a Live Chat Feature

As far as technological solutions that can rapidly help your business grow go, few are easier to implement and yield more long term rewards over time than a correctly implemented live chat feature. It can significantly streamline the day-to-day operations of your customer service department and increase overall customer satisfaction. However, all successful undertakings start with a well-defined strategy, so what steps can you take to make sure you see success with your live chat, and why are they important in the first place?

Use What You Already Know to Help You Grow

One of the best uses you can get out of your live chat is to use it to continually update your knowledge base. After all, your customizable complaint management software can only do so much on its own, and at the end of the day, some problems simply need a human touch to help solve them.

You can create knowledge base articles based around the most common initial messages customer service agents receive. The articles can serve as a solution to a customers’ issues without having your agents spend a lot of time on the live chat. By doing this, you create a de facto cheat sheet that is beneficial to the entire department and especially useful to new hires, as it will bring them up to speed more quickly on the most common problems your team faces.

A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer

According to studies, an overwhelming 92 percent of customers interactions conducted over live chat resulted in a satisfied customer. Because of this, a successful live chat feature is something your customer service department should be striving to implement if they have not done so already.

Your Bottom Line Will Increase

Having a live chat feature on your site means the members of your sales team can reach out to potential customers directly, especially if it has become apparent they are lingering on the site for an extended period of time but not purchasing anything. They can also funnel verifiable leads or questions to the appropriate department in real time, thus ensuring that if you are unable to help the customer yourself, you can direct them to who can.

This feature also helps reduce the number of abandoned online shopping carts, which total about 55% of all online shopping carts at any given time. Live chat gives an agent the opportunity to reach out and help convert a sale that otherwise might not have been made.

Who Doesn’t Love Reduced Wait Times?

By having a live chat feature successfully integrated into your website, you can handle more calls per hour, which means a reduced wait time for all of the other customers. Customers are also more likely to leave positive feedback on your social media accounts when they have an expedited customer service experience on your website.

Our PhaseWare team can give you more information on how to integrate a successful live chat solution into your website. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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