5 Signs a Company Needs New Customer Service Software

When a company wants to exists in a rapidly changing business landscape, one of your most important imperative assets is having highly effective customizable customer support software. Your customer service software is the lifeblood of your company, the thing that keeps it moving, and without it being the very best it can be, both your customer service department and, ultimately, your clientele will be worse off. So how can you tell when your customer service software needs to be updated? Here are five easy to spot signs that will let you know you are in dire need of a new software solution.

Are You Still Tracking Tickets in Spreadsheets?

If someone told you they were in the movie business but they still watched films on video tape or laserdisc, you would think that was outdated, right? The same school of thought applies to companies who are still using spreadsheets to track their tickets. If this sounds even remotely like your support software, than you are most certainly in need of an upgrade.

Are You Unable to Track Customer Products and Inventory?

When you are in the business of providing secure customer solutions, it means you need to easily be able to track both customer products and your internal inventory as well. If your system is struggling to complete these kinds of task with ease, it is time to replace it as soon as possible.

Are You Lacking a Self-Service Feature?

Good self-service features are no longer the exception in a well-oiled customer service department, they are the norm. If you find yourself with either a self-service offering that is not working correctly or even lacking one entirely, it is a huge red flag that your support software is out-of-date. At that point, it should be replaced with customizable customer support software.

Are You Unable to Generate Analytics With Your Customer Service Software?

The importance of analytics in today’s business landscape truly cannot, under any circumstances, be overstated. If you are unable to glean information from your customer support software that tells you not only where your department has been, but where it is likely to be headed, you are already lagging behind the competition. This means it is time to replace your software quickly, before you are permanently left in the dust.

Is Your Customer Service System Lacking Automation?

As a collective whole, our society, businesses included, are becoming more heavily reliant on automation with each passing day. If you have found your system requires an overabundance of user input, it is past due to consider upgrading to a current customizable customer support software.

If you are in need of new customer service software, the experts at PhaseWare are more than up to the task of upgrading your system. Contact us at our website or give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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