How to One-up Your B2B Customer Competitor With Better Customer Service

Customer experience has always been synonymous with the business-to-customer marketplace. Companies rest their reputation and client retention on the service and support they provide. But in a world with ever-increasing global competition, B2B companies must also optimize their customer service experience in order to maintain an edge over their direct competitors. It’s crucial for organizations to find a solid B2B customer support solution that will make them stand apart from the crowd and help win and retain new clients. Seems easier said than done, right? Let’s examine some ways you can make this happen.

Train Staff for Customer Retention

Getting new clients is important for any business, but once you have them, retention is your main priority. Forming long-term relationships with your client base is what brings in a steady flow of revenue and keeps your reputation healthy. This is increasingly important today, as bad customer experiences spread like wildfire via online reviews and social media.

Putting the proper training and tools in the hands of your support staff will allow them to provide personalized and responsive service to your clients. Utilizing software for B2B customer support will allow you to cater your customer experience based on your product and the requirements of your clients. Your staff will also enjoy better customer tracking and reporting, and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your client’s needs.

What is Your Competitor Doing Wrong?

When overhauling your customer service solutions, it benefits you to have a look at what features your direct competitors do and don’t provide. Discovering their areas of weakness lets you know where you have a chance to shine. Look at what kind of client interaction they provide, their availability, and any self-service modules they offer their clients. This will help you make informed decisions when choosing B2B customer support software and the features you want to offer. You should also consider the security solutions offered by competitors and how you can provide better protection through your software.

Advertise Your Customer Experience

Just like a bad customer experience can wreak havoc on a company’s reputation, a good one can help it flourish. Once you’ve implemented your B2B customer support solution, let people know about it. A small digital marketing campaign to get the word out may spark curiosity and lead to new clients. Your existing customers will also appreciate your new features. You could also offer trials so potential clients can test your system and get a sense of the customer experience you’re now providing. If you’ve enhanced your support features in areas where your competitors fall short, your potential client base will notice.

It’s common for B2B companies to provide consistent and reliable products. Therefore, many times clients look to the customer experience a business offers in order to make decisions regarding a long-term relationship. PhaseWare can help give you the edge over your competition by providing innovative B2B customer support software. To learn more about our customer service solutions contact us at any time.

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