3 Strategies to Increase Your B2B Customer Experience

Traditionally, B2B companies haven’t focused as much of their efforts on the customer experience as B2C organizations have. However, this is changing. Advances in support technology have resulted in higher expectations with regard to customer experience in the B2B landscape. It’s important companies look at their entire support operation in order to measure success and uncover shortcomings to provide the best possible experience for each client.

Utilizing software for B2B customer support is critical for streamlining your in-house support operation. It can help deliver a more personalized customer experience and help your agents provide the best possible service to your clients. But what specific areas are most important to your overall customer satisfaction? Let’s look at three areas you should focus on when increasing the quality of your customer experience.

Resolving Issues Faster

If a company is spending large amounts of money, they expect quick, detail-oriented service when resolving issues. This means your reps need the tools to provide fast and knowledgeable service the second a client needs assistance. They should have access to the client’s profile, contact information, and ticket history. They should also be able to communicate with other agents quickly and efficiently. This helps avoid having to put the client on hold while seeking a solution. Using software with configurable customer support functionality ensures the client isn’t waiting for answers and helps increase customer satisfaction.

Improving Response Time

Measuring your overall response time for client issues will not only help you create a better customer experience, it will expose weak areas in your in-house operation. It’s important your response time be measured from the second a support request has been received. You can then track the entire process to find where bottlenecks are occurring. It’s imperative your team is acknowledging each request as soon as possible. With support software, you can offer your clients a self-service option for sending tickets, but it’s up to you to provide a quick response to these. In addition to being responsive, you should consider sending custom replies instead of templated ones. This provides for a more genuine experience your customers will appreciate.

Monitor Rep Performance

In order to provide the best customer experience possible, each support rep needs to be accountable for their performance. With the help of software for B2B customer support, you can track metrics for each employee to determine if changes need to be made. If you’re finding some reps are underperforming, it may be time to reposition them to work with higher performing reps. There may be a need for further training in order to increase the quality of service provided. This will help productivity across the entire department and improve the customer experience.

Providing the best possible customer experience is essential for client retention. Using software for B2B customer support is one of the best ways to achieve this while also refining your in-house process. PhaseWare can provide you with the software you need to take your support operation to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.


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