How Self-Service Can Impact a Company’s Long-Term Goal

At first, it may seem counterintuitive to think self-service should be the end goal of any customer service department. Why would you want to implement procedures that might put people out of their jobs? Customizable customer support software can only do so much on its own. Who would be there to process the data reports if all of the people were gone?

However, this line of thinking represents a fundamental misunderstanding about what self-service actually is and how it can not only impact your company’s bottom line but also significantly improve your customer service experience. Let’s go into more detail about the myriad number of ways self-service can actually streamline this department’s work within your workspace.

CSAT Scores Actually Increase with Effective Self-Service Implementation

For obvious reasons, a customer will better know what their problem is than the agent, which is why so many customers prefer to use the self-service option when it is made available to them. Thus, having a quality version of this experience, according to a whole litany of research on the subject, will only increase your CSAT scores in the long run.

When You Improve Self-Service, You Improve Yourself as Well

The process of creating self-service content requires not only an intimate and well-rounded understanding of the problem, but also the ability to communicate in a way that is non-jargon based and easy to understand for the customer. That means your customer service team will be forced to actually think like one of your customers, and the empathy felt will increase and be reflected in higher CSAT scores over time.

This process will also create stronger interpersonal bonds within the organization and increase the overall knowledge capital as well. By forcing subject matter experts within the company who might never otherwise speak with one another. This interaction may create new and novel ways to solve problems over time.

Self-Service Helps to Bridge Gaps in Communication

Often times, the customer service agents who have the most experience solving problems are unable to write self-service content because they’re busy helping customers. As a result, there is often a massive knowledge gap between the content customers can actually look over to help them solve problems and what should be there. By having customer service agents write this content in the first place, customers will be able to have their problems solved in a much more efficient manner.

If you are in need of quality customizable customer support software that will help increase your self-service capacity, don’t hesitate to speak to the trusted team members at PhaseWare for your software solutions. If you have questions, you can contact us via our website or by phone at (866) 390-3492.

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