What Self-Service Analytics Should Customer Service Departments Look At?

When trying to gauge whether your self-service infrastructure has actually been effectively implemented, it may, at first glance, feel like a highly overwhelming task. There is so much information coming in through the configurable customer service software you are using, and keeping track of all the visual data reporting can be daunting.

Thankfully, there are a handful of universal, big picture metrics that can help paint a broad stroke picture of where the department is currently at and what direction it is headed in. We will take a couple of moments now to go into more detail about what metrics will accurately reflect how your customer service department has effectively implemented its self-service program.

How Strong is the Community Involvement?

One of the easiest metrics to measure, mainly because it is so visible and outright, is how strong the community involvement is on your self-service platform. Are users leaving positive or negative feedback in their responses? Have you built a platform that allows them to leave feedback in the first place? Are users able to help one another solve problems?

If your self-service content community involvement is low, your team should have a conversation about ways to increase involvement. In a lot of instances, companies do not build platforms in the first place allowing users to talk to one another or leave feedback. This is a common mistake, but one that should be avoided nonetheless.

Has Your Customer Service Experience Actually Improved For the Customer?

At every available opportunity, you should speak with your customers and ask them how you can further improve their experience. There has been a plethora of research on this topic, and an overwhelming 90 percent of customers not only want, but actually expect, a brand to offer a self-service portal of some sort for them to access. This is not meant in any way, shape, or form to replace the already existing customer service department, but to allow users to solve simple problems on their own time.

However, if the portal is poorly implemented and not user friendly, than it could very well have the opposite effect of what it was intended to do. It is important to monitor these systems to make sure they work as intended so they do more good than harm.

Is Your Streamlining More Efficient Than Before?

At the end of the day, efficiency is the name of the self-service game. If you are finding your operations are running at the same pace or, even worse, have slowed down, than something has gone awry. Your system implementation may need to be reassessed and reimplemented immediately.

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