How Customer Support Agents Can Solve Problems Instead of Causing More Problems

The customer experience a company provides their client base plays a major role in their future success and business reputation. This means it’s imperative customer service agents facilitate solutions instead of causing additional problems. Unfortunately, this is getting harder to do given the demand placed on support teams and the number of channels people can use to reach out to a company. In addition, customer service expectations have risen drastically. Organizations can’t afford to provide bad service or they risk losing clients to their competition.

To strengthen the backend of their support operation, businesses are relying on technology more and more. Tools such as customizable customer support software provide agents with a wide range of solutions for handling client issues. This technology helps support teams deliver solutions to their clients while reducing the possibility of error. Let’s look at a few ways this software can help.

Quick Access to Information

Fast response and resolution times are critical for any support team. However, with clients now reaching out to agents via a number of channels, information can be fragmented. This increases resolution times as well as the possibility of errors. Support software can work wonders in situations like these. It allows support teams to consolidate and share client information in a centralized location. Or, if agents are assigned to specific clients, they can customize their dashboards so all pertinent data related to an account is readily available. Strong customer service software also allows for an internal knowledge base agents can reference immediately when working through a product issue with a client.

A Customized Work Environment

Because of the various support channels used to assist clients, many companies assign their agent to specific roles. For instance, some agents may concentrate on chat service and email response while another team handles incoming calls. Without a customized work environment, agents will inevitably make mistakes and hold up the service process. This is where customizable customer support software shines. It allows agents access to tools customized to help them perform their specific role. They can even modify their tools based on their preferences, which allows them to better serve each client. It also makes their job experience much less stressful, which is always good for a customer service department.

Seamlessly Move From Channel to Channel

Opposite to the scenario we just discussed, some teams are comprised of agents that handle service requests from all channels on a daily basis. In this situation, agents need an interface that allows them to move seamlessly between each channel without interruption and confusion. This could mean assisting a client via chat and also accessing content from the self-service portal to send to them. The right software makes this process easy and fast so there’s no hold-up in resolution times. It also helps each service interaction flow smoothly so no information is lost or overlooked.

Streamline Your Support Operation

If you’ve noticed a rise in agent error or an increase in resolution times, you need to take action before customer churn becomes an issue. Implementing the right software may be the answer you’re looking for.

PhaseWare provides customizable customer support software for B2B organizations looking to take their support operation to the next level. Contact us to learn more.

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