Are There Trends in Your Company’s Customer Service Data?

As a B2B organization, you need to ensure you’re providing the very best customer experience to your clients. In order to do so, it’s imperative you analyze metrics related to client behavior and the performance of your support team. These numbers will tell you where you’re running into a problem and help you make changes geared towards streamlining your process. However, looking at a customer service data report every once in a while isn’t good enough. You need to keep an eye out for recurring trends.

Trends in your support metrics are directly related to the way your client interacts with your product and support team. This is invaluable information when trying to determine how to improve your customer experience. Let’s go over a few trends you should watch out for and how you can capitalize on them.

What Channels Your Clients Prefer

If you offer support options through a number of channels, you need to understand which ones your clients prefer. To determine this, examine the ticket volume from each channel. You can then make changes to your staffing and infrastructure to account for the demand in certain areas. You can also reposition agents so they’re leveraging their strengths when working with clients.

Knowing how your customers prefer to find solutions also allows you to improve those channels. For example, if you notice your self-service portal is getting a lot of attention, it may be time to improve your knowledge base to meet client demand. You should also look at how your clients are interacting with your portal to find ways of providing proactive support.

Resolution Times

The time it takes your agents to resolve client issues has a lot to do with customer satisfaction. If you’re noticing higher resolution times, this can be indicative of a number of things. First, this may indicate your agents are dealing with complex tickets on a regular basis. Long resolution times may also be a sign of poor agent performance.

If you find your agents faced with difficult tickets every day, there’s a chance your clients may need support earlier on in their service level agreement. Providing proactive service may help to resolve common issues before they get escalated. In addition, long resolution times may indicate your agents don’t have the tools they need to effectively assist clients. Implementing configurable customer support software could be the quickest answer to this problem.

Spikes in Ticket Volume

Looking for spikes in the number of tickets sent is a great way to learn about your client’s behavior. It can tell you when they prefer to use your product. These spikes can also be associated with problems, upgrades, or outages.

Knowing when to expect spikes in ticket volume can help you effectively staff your department. It can also help you develop proactive service strategies to help resolve these issues before they make it to your service agents. This is great way to take stress off your service team and ensure your agents can provide fast, high-quality support.

Spot Data Trends and Make Improvements Today

A data report can be an invaluable resource for spotting trends in customer behavior and your support team’s performance. Make sure to look at reports on a regular basis and make changes to boost your customer experience.

PhaseWare can help you get easy access to data by implementing configurable customer support software into your operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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