How Are Untracked Issues Hurting Your Reputation?

Having and keeping a good reputation at your business is one of the best attributes you can have. When consumers view your company as reliable and customer-centric, they will be more likely to do business with you. In the digital age we live in today, customers can form a complete opinion of your company without even setting foot in the store or going on your website.

One of the reasons why a consumer would form a negative opinion about a business is if they notice the company does not respond to consumer complaints. Does this mean the business doesn’t care about their customers? Or does it mean they don’t have the right complaint management workflows in place to identify and respond to complaints promptly? Regardless, these untracked and ignored issues could significantly damage your reputation.

Delayed Responses Demonstrate Apathy

If you don’t have thorough complaint management workflows, some customer complaints could be left alone for days, or never responded to at all. From a consumer perspective, this could mean the business is apathetic about the complaint and doesn’t think it’s worth the time to respond.

As a business, when you use issue tracking visual workflows, you’ll never miss a customer complaint. You can have complaints automatically assigned to an agent, or assign them manually. How you setup the software is dependent on the structure of your organization, but it is a helpful tool to ensure you never have an untracked issue.

Handle Negative Comments Appropriately

No business likes to see negative comments on their website, review websites or anywhere else on the Internet. But when you handle negative comments appropriately, you can turn your reputation from negative to positive quickly. This is where complaint management workflows are important. You can identify a negative comment immediately when it comes in, handle it accordingly and continue to track it to ensure customer satisfaction. The main goal is to turn a customer complaint into a positive experience, and tracking these complaints and issues from start to finish will aid your efforts.

Silence Damages Your Company’s Reputation

Finally, any amount of silence surrounding an issue can plant a seed of doubt into a consumer’s mind about your company. If you don’t have quality issue tracking visual workflows in place, the silence could be completely incidental. But all the customer sees is your unresponsiveness to complaints, so they can only assume you aren’t a good company to do business with.

PhaseWare wants to ensure no company has a damaged reputation as a result of an untracked issue. Our complaint management workflows can be customized for any business, so in turn you can provide the best level of service possible. If you have any questions about how our products and services can help you, feel free to contact us at any time.

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