Dashboards: Do Your Day RIGHT

The key to having a good day is to start in the right place. When your team rolls in for the morning, do you have a system in place to help everyone start the day on the same page? One of the most effective strategies in organizing and strengthening your team is to ensure that everyone has the same perspective and is working towards the same goal, even while that goal morphs and changes slightly on a day-to-day basis. Achieving this is easier said than done, but you don’t have to approach it alone: PhaseWare’s software is carefully designed to make your life simpler.

One of our most highly developed products, Dashboards, has the ability to perform on an upper level of organization and support your team in ways that may surprise you. As a product, Dashboards is usable as the home base for all team members to sit down, settle in, and fall immediately into the work zone with little to no effort required from the user. Each user’s dashboard is highly customizable to provide that perfect environment for productivity.

Dashboards are able to pull reports from every area of the business, with powerful reporting tools and visual aids to ensure that the information is clearly readable and applicable instantaneously to each user. Because it is all organized by the same internal program, Dashboards are able to reconcile reports with each other, provide most accurate, relevant info in the same way to each team member, and give the right tool-sets to approach the data therein.

As a sidekick to the incredible Dashboards product, PhaseWare has developed a system of widgets that can be used in tandem to further customize and engage you and your representatives’ dashboards presentation. Widgets are some of the most dynamic, carefully integrated, user-friendly system additions to appear in our suite. Widgets give your users the ability to curate their dashboard in creative, fluid ways, to improve performance, company visibility, and morale. Having a system that reacts and interacts with your agents in whatever way they see fit can be quite the mood booster. With Widgets, you can expect to place just about anything at your fingertips on the dashboard: SLA reports, graph reports, ticket reports, admin activity, quick searching tools, and even embedded external webpages.

By making a slick, functional, visually stimulating tool like dashboards available to your agents, you are guaranteed to arrive to a group of motivated, well informed, organized individuals every single morning. The positive changes that can arise from focusing on the internal processes can definitely have a bigger impact on your company success than, say, changing your marketing tactics or raising your prices. Set yourself up for success and do your day right with PhaseWare’s Dashboards.

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