7 Reasons in Favor of “Amazeballs” Customer Service

As David Lettermen has proved conclusively over the past 30 years or so, people love lists. And why not? Lists are like Cliff’s Notes for everything that’s not a book. Lists remind us of what’s important, what’s most popular, what’s most desired, and most commonly, lists remind us of all the tasks we need to get done every day.

In terms of innovation and creativity, lists are also often the springboard for discovery and collaboration. Does your company strive to provide an “amazeballs” customer experience? If so, this list can help you get creative in expanding that experience. If not, this list offers seven good reasons why you should?

Earn customer loyalty! A fantastic customer service experience not only creates good vibes in the moment, it builds credibility, trust and confidence. The sum of this equation? Loyalty!

Make money, save money! One of the first lessons we learn in sales and marketing is that it’s cheaper to keep the customers you already have. In turn, this creates the least expensive marketing of all…

Word-of-mouth! When customers love you, they love to tell their friends about how much they love you. Word-of-mouth is, of course, the sharpest tool in your marketing toolbox.

Loyal customers do what? Aside from singing your praises, loyal customers come back for more, meaning they buy more stuff from you.

Make price less important! Look no farther than Apple for an example of a company whose amazing serving and customer experience negate an otherwise astonishing pricing premium for it’s products.

Stand out in the crowd! Every company seeks differentiation. Amazing customer service that results in loyalty and word-of-mouth goodness is perhaps the greatest differentiation of all. If your product is great, but nobody talks about it, your differentiation is no more than a bullet point.

Make your dollars count! Every business has customers to help and problems to fix. Attention to detail in the customer service experience results in first-time fixes, which saves money because you don’t have to fix it the next time around.

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