MSN 2012 Customer Service Halls of Fame and Shame: The Breakdown

                            Hall of Fame


Excellent Rating (%)

1. Amazon


2. Google


3. Apple


4. UPS


5. (tie) Sony


5. (tie) Hilton Worldwide


7. FedEx


8. Marriott International


9. American Express


10. Southwest Airlines


       Hotels don’t have a business if they don’t have good customer service. Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International make the most money because they have the best hotel customer service. Hotels practically sell customer service and hospitality.

       Google is so high on the list simply because they barely have to deal with the mass public. The most interaction that most people have with Google is typing something into the search bar. As long as that works smoothly, people usually don’t give it another thought.

       The majority of people that use UPS and FedEx are not shipping packages, they are receiving them. With the amount of online shopping rising, people are just happy to get their products. Most of the time, the workers leave it right on your doorstep and you never even speak to them.

       The remaining 5 on this list have no other explanation other than great customer service. All of these companies have revamped their customer service department, especially American Express, who revolutionized their call center a few years ago.

       The overarching trend with the companies in the Hall of Fame is that people don’t want to have interaction with the actual company. They just want the product to do what it’s supposed to do and for everything else to be taken care of behind-the-scenes.

                         Hall of Shame


Poor Rating (%)

1. Bank of America


2. (tie) AOL


2. (tie) Comcast


4. Time Warner Cable


5. Dish Network


6. (tie) Sprint


6. (tie) Wells Fargo


8. JPMorgan Chase


9. Citigroup


10. Capital One


       Half of the companies on the hall of shame list are banks or credit card companies. This begs the question of, “Do they really have bad customer service, or are people just disappointed with the company itself?” The Bank of America is number one on this list because it proposed a $5 per month charge for using a debit card when they already made a profit of $1.45 billion. Although the fee was never implemented, the threat was enough to keep Bank of America atop the Hall of Shame for another year.

       Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable’s service rating has actually gone up, but it was already really bad to begin with, so it wasn’t enough to get them out of the Hall of Shame. Their customer service has improved with the increase in competition, mainly from Dish Network; however, their sales have not. People aren’t satisfied with the product and took that to be customer service.

       Dish Network has picked up a lot of new customers this past year, simply because their product is one of the best, being more affordable and adaptable to a certain person/family’s needs. The only explanation for their place on this list is that they simply have terrible customer service. As a Dish Network customer, my family and I can definitely attest to that. It seems like there is always something wrong with our dish, and when we finally get someone to fix it, usually late of course, it only stays fixed for a month, at the most.

       AOL and Sprint are mainly in the Hall of Shame because of their dwindling amount of customers. These two companies have failed to keep up with their competition and are falling way behind the curve.

       I was pretty surprised that there were no fast-food companies on either list. In my experience, Chick-fil-a has the best customer service of any store I’ve been to. They are always friendly and seem genuinely happy to be doing their job. Were there any companies you were shocked to see on these lists, or did you think any were left off? Leave a comment down below with your response!


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