Customer Service Software Meets Call Center Tools in the Cloud

For years, cost was the primary obstacle to smaller companies seeking access to state-of-the-art call center tools. Today, many companies are offering low-cost answers through hosted platforms for contact management as well as the agent and performance management tools required to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the customer service and support software you’re using today.

The Tools

Hosted platforms for contact center applications include a wide variety of tools based on the specific needs and the chosen provider’s capabilities. Ultimately, small and large companies alike can create an ideal customer service call center solution to best serve their customers.

Contact management

  • Increased hardware interoperability improves voice quality, lowers potential for latency, improves control of communication
  • Inbound and outbound voice
  • Interactive voice response
  • E-mail, chat, web, enhanced voicemail

Knowledge and language management

  • Multibyte Unicode information architecture improves information sharing across sites and languages
  • Individualized multilingual user interface
  • CRM and incident cross-referencing
  • Global knowledge management
  • Asset and inventory tracking

Agent and performance management

  • Workforce management and scheduling
  • Sophisticated skill-based routing
  • Universal agent/work-at-home platform
  • 100% voice recording
  • Multichannel voice and incident quality systems

Business intelligence and reporting

  • Enterprise product and process reporting
  • Standard business intelligence interface

Why Choose a Hosted Solution?

With no capital investment required and low-cost licensing models, hosted solutions opens u countless opportunities to improve and expand your call center operations in a way that just makes sense.

Whether you need 5 seats, 500 seats, or 5,000 seats, hosted solutions scale rapidly to meet your needs. And, in many cases, there are no add-on fees for modular applications—every subscriber has access to the entire platform.

Key Benefits

By moving to a hosted model, businesses reduce their total cost of ownership, while gaining access to the latest technology and operational flexibility.

  • CapEx vs. OpEx: Eliminate capital expenditures and reduce operating expenditures by 50% or more
  • Security: Improve protection of customer data and privacy through state-of-the-art data center security
  • Operational flexibility: Deploy at-home or virtual contact center programs with same operational and managerial oversight as traditional models
  • Advanced technology: Gain access to the latest technology as Orange Hippo’s platform is upgraded; gain access to previously cost-prohibitive technologies
  • Scalability: Quickly ramp up or down to meet seasonal spikes, business growth and unexpected volume fluctuations
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