How to Get Users to Use a Customer Support Helpdesk

If you want your customers to use your customer support, you have to have a good helpdesk ticketing platform. If you don’t your customers will never use it and will have an excuse for using other ways to get the support they are seeking. The way to get users to use your customer support helpdesk is to make it easy, intuitive, and not a hassle to use.

It is important that you have multiple ways for customers to contact your support and submit a ticket for assistance. People have different preferences in how they want to deal with the issues. They want to know the status of their request. If you allow your ticketing system to have collaboration, your support team can share the workload.

Self-service portals provide a catalog to users. A service and support catalog can give important information to a person that is looking for immediate information without talking to someone. Due to technology and thanks to Google, people are familiar with looking up information that they need. This is where a good knowledge base comes into play. This can save time and provides resources and allows users to find solutions.

A good customer support ticketing system increases efficiency by reducing time, enable tracking, provides a knowledge base and allows for customer support to further improve their support.


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