Manage You Customer Support Team

Your customer support team is the face of customer service. It is important that they have a positive attitude, so that they offer the best service possible to your customers. This increases customer satisfaction, retention, and further sales. Here are some ways to motivate your support team so they give the best service possible:

1. First it is best to make sure the environment and culture is positive, this starts with managers. Making sure there isn’t gossip going around and badmouthing. It is important to be upbeat and give praise for those that are offering the support you want to see. Showing appreciation will encourage your team to go above and beyond even when it can be hard to do so.

2. Appreciation can also be in the form of incentives. “Motivate your customer service team by giving incentives based on meeting your organization’s mission, goals, and values. Be timely, fair, and public with your incentives. Also, when putting together an incentive program, ask your customer service team what they would like as incentives.” – CSM

3. To keep your employees up-to-date, it is important that you provide a continuous training program as well as constant feedback. Since things are always changing it is important that your service team have the most up-to-date information, so that they can be most efficient.

Offer your support team the support they need. They are supporting your customers… make sure you ensure that it remains a top priority that they feel supported, too. If you provide them support you are setting an example for the support they can provide. Lead by example and set the tone and your business will benefit greatly.


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