Twitter for Customer Service & Crisis Management

Twitter is a great, fast-paced customer service tool.  Plenty of people use it for personal use, and communicating with friends and family, and to follow their favorite celebrities and athletes. Others use it for business purposes and for communicating with their customers.  I love handling customer service issues or comments via Twitter.  It’s quick, efficient, and you can solve an issue in a matter of minutes. There are some pros and cons I want to share with you today about Twitter being used for customer service:

Pros: Twitter is a perfect way to get important information our fast. Maybe your company has to recall a product and it’s a safety hazard for your customers who own said product.  Through Twitter, you can tell your followers immediately about this issue.  It will let them know quickly, and it also shows that you care about their wellbeing.
Another pro is, like I said before, issues can be handled in minutes.  I had a fairly high-priority issue with my cable company a while ago; the issue was solved, via Twitter, in less than 10 minutes.  That kept their phones clear, and kept me happy.

Cons: Tweets have around a one-hour lifespan.  Unless someone goes specifically to your Twitter account , as time goes on, your tweet has less and less of a chance to be seen.  You need to dedicate select times (preferably where your target audience is online the most) and tweet throughout the day at those times.

Do you utilize Twitter for customer service? Why or why not?


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