Helping your Customers with a Self Service Center

With you customers, no question is a stupid question; at least you shouldn’t treat them as such.  What do you do if you keep getting call after call about simple items that customers can find online? Do you waste your time, as well as other customers’ time? No. You should have an online database you can direct them to for help.

You need to implement a system that allows your customers to figure out things online, helping reduce your call volume significantly.  With systems such as Tracker and Self-Service-Center (SSC), customers are able to find answers to their questions online. With the Tracker suite of products, customer self-service knowledgebase access, ticket submission, crowdsourcing, and peer support through forums and communities deflect routine calls.

I wrote a blog a while back about “DIY Customer Service”.  One man labeled it an oxymoron until he read it and saw that I meant providing tools for your customers so they can figure issues out on their own without your help.  Some people, such as myself, hate calling customer service.  Give them the tools and the opportunity to figure out answers to their questions.  This will help reduce your call volume as well as improve first call resolution in some cases.

Do you have anything set up online where customers can go and try to find answers on their own, such as a knowledgebase? Do you have to direct them there and do customers utilize it?

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