How Customer Service Reps Can Improve First Call Resolution

Yesterday I wrote about helping your customer service representatives improve First Call Resolution.  What if you’re the customer service rep though? How can you improve FCR without managerial help? Today I wanted to provide some simple, easy steps to improving First Call Resolution.

If you’re the customer service representative, you must gain the customer’s trust. Even if you do have to meet a certain call quota, you can still provide great service.  One way to gain the customer’s trust is to have faith in yourself. If you believe in what you’re doing, the customer will follow. Gain the customer’s trust; let them know you truly do have their best interest in mind.

Be personable; don’t make the customer feel like you need them off of the phone.  This doesn’t mean you have to chit chat for an hour (we all know there are customers who love to talk), just talk with them about the issue, keep it professional, but don’t rush. You don’t want to sacrifice quality of your calls in order to increase quantity.  In First Call Resolution, it is important to get through as many calls as possible… but as many quality calls as possible.

Tomorrow, I will talk about specifics on how you can create trust and personality on your calls without getting “sucked in” to a long phone call.

How do you improve your First Call Resolution? Do you try and create trust with your customers?


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