The Customer Service and Support Management Solution

a low-cost, high-end, tailored solution

The Right Solution

Today’s customer demands immediate answers, easy access to your organization via any channel, and 24/7/365 support. Your customer support team needs a tailored solution that is quick to implement, easy to use, painless to manage, simple to automate, and future-proof for unforeseen growth—designed with the small and medium-sized business in mind, but powerful enough for the largest enterprises.

If you are looking for a secure, affordable, complete solution for issue tracking, customer management, workflow automation, knowledgebase management, and 24/7/365 customer self-service…

PhaseWare is the answer.

The Right Solution

Tailored to your company or organization's specific needs and specifications. We go the distance in providing you with a solution that you can call your own.

Reduced Call Volumes

24/7/365 self-service and multichannel support yield significantly reduced call volumes—relieving pressure on your customer support operations.

Increased First Call Resolution

Tracker provides measurably increased first-call resolution rates with reporting, dashboards, and readily available internal and external knowledgebase.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory compliance is well-handled with PhaseWare. 100% Dodd-Frank ready.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction made easy with a complete, 360-degree view of customer information, and all the tools to keep them happy.

Reporting and Analiytics

Reporting and analytics to the gills with dashboards, audit trails, statistics, built-in report designing, and over 80 canned reports.

Automated Escalations

Escalations, assignments, incident prioritizations, and workflows are seamless, efficient, and can be fully automated.

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The PhaseWare Solution

PhaseWare provides the most efficient, affordable, and scalable customer support management software in the industry. With PhaseWare customer support software, you can automate and track all phases of the service desk lifecycle from incident submission to resolution while reducing the cost of operations.

Designed as a future-proof solution with small businesses in mind, PhaseWare provides powerful workflow management and reporting capabilities including due time prompts, dashboards, and integration capabilities with third-party extensions and CRM solutions.

PhaseWare Product Suite

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