Help your Customer Service Reps Improve First Call Resolution

As a business, you need to assist as many customers as possible. However, you can’t sacrifice quantity for quality.  First call resolution is important to any business. Do you prefer taking extra time on the phone with the customer or do you like to get “in-and-out” with the transaction? Today I’ll talk about how you, as the customer service manager, can ensure excellent first call resolution.

Have you ever called a business to receive customer service help, but you felt like you were being a nuisance and being rushed off the phone? It’s not a good feeling; I know I personally forget important questions I meant to ask when being rushed off of a customer service call and end up calling back.

If you’re a manager, don’t make outlandish goals for your customer service team.  I know you want them to help as many customers as possible, but how much “help” can they truly provide if they’re just thinking about meeting their quotas and moving to “helping” the next customer? Like I said in a previous blog, it shouldn’t be a business transaction; it needs to be a business relationship and a positive experience.  Stand out from the competition.

For your industry, what is an appropriate amount of time on a customer service call? Actually sit down and talk it out with your team.  Discuss with them the length of their phone calls and listen to the calls. Are they providing decent customer service and support or is it outstanding? If you want to be known for solving issues on the first phone call and you want to provide outstanding customer service, calls may take a little longer—and that’s okay.

How do you ensure great customer service and first call resolution? Do you have any advice or tips you’d like to share?


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