Using Social Media for Customer Service is Sexy

Let’s settle something right now… what do I consider sexy? Anything that improves your well-being… and social media certainly does that for business, especially as a customer service tool.

Last week I talked about the importance of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn for your business. They aren’t just important for your businesses exposure, but they’re necessary for customer service and reputation. People are having conversations about you online; don’t you want to be a part of them? Today I’d like to talk about how you can use social media to handle customer service issues.

Twitter: Simple and quick.

Example: Someone tweets you regarding a product or service you sell and an issue they’re having with it. Well now the Twittersphere is watching to see if you respond properly. You respond promptly and ask them to email a certain email address or direct message you with more information. You need to publicly apologize to the customer and then handle the matter privately.

Facebook: Can write more than on Twitter. Still quick and simple.

Example: Someone posts a nasty remark on your Facebook page, what do you do? Well, it kind of depends. If it’s something irrelevant to your business practices and they’re angry for some other reason, it’s okay to delete the comment and respond to them via Facebook message or email (if you have it). If it’s a general question they have for you or a legitimate complaint, respond (publicly) and apologize for the error and simply let them know how to proceed. If you want to go above and beyond (which you should want to) be a step ahead of them, get their account information pulled up and let them know how you’re going to have the issue solved for them!

These are the top two social media platforms I like to utilize for social media and how to handle customer service issues though them. Handle issues like this and you’ll get a great, sexy reputation with customers and consumers alike.

What do you think? Would you handle issues in a different manner? And, okay I’ll admit, social media and customer service aren’t the sexiest things around, but according to my definition, do you think customer service is “sexy”?


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