Customer Service: You Really are in Good Hands with Allstate

A few months after I graduated from college, I moved out on my own—into the dreaded “real world”. I bought renters insurance and everything else fun that comes with living on your own. I made some mistakes, such as flooding my kitchen with dishwashing soap. The biggest pain had to have been moving out and having to cancel my insurance, electricity and everything else I had purchased six months prior.  

After I moved out of my apartment, I didn’t need the following six months of my renters insurance so I cancelled it… I thought.  Six more months went by and I received a bill for another year of renters insurance from Allstate that I clearly didn’t need. I promptly emailed customer service.  No more than an hour or so later I received an email from Pam, a very friendly and apologetic customer resolution specialist. She sincerely apologized for my inconvenience and said she would cancel the bill I received and refund me the last six months of my renters insurance—I didn’t even know that was an option!

Daniel Mathews, Senior Team Leader at Allstate told me:

“At Allstate, we focus on improving the customer experience one interaction at a time. Pam is part of a highly skilled group of Customer Resolution Specialists who work to resolve problems for customers or collect their feedback regarding Allstate’s business practices. Delivering a satisfying customer experience is all about taking the time to listen, understand, and then work with customers to arrive at a solution. We treat every customer as a unique individual…and people like that!  Pam works very hard to exceed her customer’s expectations, and I am very proud to have her as a member of my team!”

This shows just how committed to customer service they really are.  I thanked Pam for her help and asked for a manager’s email so I could send him a compliment. Everyone that I ended up talking with was incredibly helpful and made my issue not seem like a big deal. They handled it with easy and efficiency.  About a week later, I saw the refund and everything was fixed more than I had even asked for.

It turns out, the commercials don’t lie. With Allstate—you really are in good hands.

Have you ever had a great experience like this—where the company went above and beyond to solve your issue?

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