Your Customer Service Business + Pinterest

A part of keeping up with the times is knowing what’s trending. One of the more recent websites is Pinterest. By now, everyone has probably heard of it, but not everyone knows what it is.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where users are able to post photos of different products, infographics, photos, etc.  It’s similar to Twitter and Facebook as you can tag people in posts, re-pin and “like” items. It’s quick, creative and visual. It’s fun.  You’re thinking, “Perfect, how does that help with my business and with customer service?”

If you don’t sell a tangible product, Pinterest may seem pointless—but you may want to look a little further. I have my own personal Pinterest account and I think it’s a lot of fun; I get some great ideas for home decorations, workouts, recipes, etc.  After reading a few articles, I decided to try it for PhaseWare and got some great feedback.  Although our product is software, it’s a great way to get our brand out there and build our reputation as providing customer service and support excellence. It helps your company use visuals to give you a more personal feel. You are able to interact with different businesses and people in your industry. When people “re-pin” your photos they are, in essence, building links back to your site. 

The photo below is of our “boards” as of right now. I wanted to show things we can do on the weekends, services we use and sell, and just let people know, visually, what PhaseWare is all about.

Have you had Pinterest success? Here are a few facts about Pinterest that you may find interesting:

A majority of users are between the ages of 25 and 54. Out of all users, 87% are female and 13% are male.  Pinterest users spend, on average, 89 minutes on the site per month. That’s tied with Tumblr for second place in time spent on a social media website, following behind Facebook.

For in-depth Pinterest knowledge, go to expert, Jeff Bullas’, blog! He has an array of articles that go in depth on Pinterest and can help you master it for your business.

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