Red Frog Events: Making Customer Service Fun

Everyone loves a smooth and fast customer service experience… but what about a fun one? Last night I had a fun experience (fun for customer service). In our north Dallas office, there is a mix of well-rounded athletes; from college athletes to triathletes to iron men.  We like to talk about our work outs and what we’re doing to stay in shape. Recently, we discovered Warrior Dash (created by Red Frog Events) and decided to sign up.  I encountered what could have been a big issue, but due to swift customer service, with a fun flair, I’m signed up, ready, and more excited than I was before.

Making a long story short, my friend is coming in from out of town to participate in the Warrior Dash with me.  I ended up needing to change my time slot in the Warrior Dash, but there were only a few spots left.  I sent in a request explaining the situation.  Within an hour I received an email from Meg at Red Frog Events.  Our conversation is as follows:


I sped registered you, and was able to get you in the LAST slot for 2:30! WOOOO. See you out on the battlefield champ.


Oh MY GOSH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My friend is flying in and didn’t tell me she had yet to register so by the time she did, all of the 12:30 events were gone and she said “hey. Switch to 2:30. There’s 10 spots left”
Thanks again,


Anytime! Just do me one favor, have the craziest freaken day of your life!



I know some customer service centers have requirements on what you have to say, such as following a script.  I only agree with that to an extent because they are usually boring and insincere.  This email exchange I had with Meg was so fun, I forgot I had an issue to begin with, and I really believe she wants me to have the craziest “freakin day of my life” and I’m sure I will. Follow Meg and Red Frog Event’s example and make customer service fun!

Have you ever had a fun customer service experience?


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