Customer Service Trend: Power to the Customer

I have talked about customer support and customer service trends from 2011 and ones that will continue through 2012. One that I haven’t specifically touched on though is power is in the customer’s hands. They will be gaining more power and leverage with your business in two main ways.

Social Media: customers are gaining more power with social media. If you had a customer service representative provide a horrible experience, you don’t want that upset customer to go on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and tell their friends and followers all about it.This is another reason you must stay on top of your social media outlets… even ones you don’t have. Know who’s talking about you and interact with them.

Forums: More businesses are adapting forums and allowing customers to voice their opinions and ideas. I have talked about customers being able to vote in these forums as well.  These are a wonderful idea; like I’ve said before, other than you, no one knows your business as well.  This is another way your customers gain power. It’s not a bad thing, but it shows that customers have more of a say.

Do you agree? Will customers continue to gain power? How will your business adapt?


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