Customer Service Mobility

In a world that’s constantly changing and becoming more social, businesses must keep up with consumer needs. Earlier, I talked about customer service trends for 2012 and I want to focus on one of those trends—mobility.

To stay on top of customer service trends, your business must have mobile capabilities. Approximately 157.8 million smartphones were sold worldwide in Q4 2011, bringing the total for the year to 491.4 million smartphones. Chances are a majority of your customers and potential customers own a smartphone.  Customer service is about accessibility, efficiency and ease.

Accessibility: Your customers want to be able to access you anywhere. If they’re having an issue while they’re away from their computer, give them the option to email you, submit a ticket via smartphone/mobile application, send you a tweet, etc.

Efficiency: Social media is easily accessible from anywhere… phone, computer, iPad, etc. Have social media outlets so customers and potential customers can contact and connect with you from anywhere.

Ease: Being mobile and giving customers and consumers the option to connect with you from anywhere makes it easy for them, therefore, making them happier and less stressed. A happy customer = A happy YOU!

How are you keeping up in our fast-paced and mobile world?

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