Adding that Personal Touch to Customer Service

On February 23rd, we participated in our second day on IWearYourShirt. We absolutely love working with this team of extraordinary, talented people.  We wanted to come up with a relevant theme that went along with our products as well as our company culture.   If you participated in our day, you know our theme was giving your customers that extra, personal touch—we gave away an iPod Touch to go along with it as well.

Yesterday brought up a lot of great discussion on Twitter about companies adding that extra, personal touch.  There were a few items that stood out to me when it came to customer service.

First name basis: Customers tend to prefer being called by their first name—if you have a good relationship with them. If you aren’t comfortable talking on a first name basis yet, use “Mr.”,“Ms.”, or “Mrs.” In emails or on a phone call. It’s the least you can do to make an interaction more personable.

If you have social media—use it!  It seems there is nothing more frustrating than when companies have social media outlets and don’t utilize them. If someone tweets you and they ask a question, you need to answer it. When you have a social media platform, you need to be ready to invest some time into interacting with your customers and consumers. Social media is a two-way-street—that’s the only way it works.

Have you had any great customer service experiences where someone has gone the extra step to add that personal touch? Did they use social media?

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