Going Social

By now you know social media has had a huge impact on marketing and connectivity.  I run into people all the time who say that yes, social media is great for personal use, but why should my business use social media?  There are an incalculable amount of reasons why social media is a necessity for any business—today, I will just list a couple of those reasons.

Competitive Advantage: To me, there is no way to beat your competition better than having a solid social media strategy. Say your competition doesn’t have a social media strategy… how are they reaching out to potential customers online?  You’ll also be able to solve a lot of issues faster with social media.  Beat your competition to customers and provide outstanding customer service and support with a great social media strategy.  

Stay Connected: Customers and consumers absolutely love being able to connect with businesses other than a one-way website or through a phone call.  It’s nice to see photos of community events and other people in the office.  For example, I’m looking to buy a home in the next two years and I saw a home that I loved. I remembered the name of the business and tried to find them via social media to ask a question—nothing. Oh, and their website wasn’t working properly. So I had no way to ask a question and I didn’t have time to call. I just wanted a quick snippet of information about them. They lost a customer because they weren’t connected.

Brand Recognition: It’s about getting your name out there.  No, not everyone who follows you on Twitter is going to become a customer—but they’ll see your name, and read things that you promote and say through Twitter.  You want your brand and business name out there.

For more information, here’s a great infographic on why you must go social. Why are you for or against going social? I’d love to get your thoughts in the comment section below.

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