Love Your Customers

Once again, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, love your customers. Friday I talked about making your customers fall in love with you—but that love has to be mutual.  You want to have your customers as your own personal cheerleaders, but you have to do the same for them. Love your customers—here are some tips on how to do so and show it.

  • Tell them you appreciate them. Let’s be honest, your business would fail without the support of your customers. I talk about this a lot but you must tell your customers how much you appreciate them, it will mean a lot to them to know you don’t take them for granted.
  • No question is a stupid question.  Yes, you understand your product or service, but your customers may not. So even if they call with questions you think are completely obvious or ridiculous, take a deep breath and answer the question(s) with a smile on your face.  Your customers shouldn’t feel as if they’re bothering you whenever they call with a question.
  • Show your emotion. It’s true; emotions can be heard over the phone. Always answer with a smile. Let your customers hear that you’re happy to speak with them no matter what.

These are three simple steps you can, and should take, to show your customers how much you love them.  These will also make you look like a customer service superhero. Try these steps and I can guarantee you’ll gain more “personal cheerleaders” for your business.

What do you do to show your customers how much you appreciate them? Has a company ever shown you great customer service by utilizing one of the three tips above?



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