Customer Service: It’s the Little Things

I’m sure plenty of spouses dropped the ball yesterday… and some did an outstanding job to show their love for their significant other. What about businesses though? Did they do what they should do to show their love for their customers?

Yesterday, I talked about loving your customers and making them fall in love with you.  I went out to dinner with my boyfriend last night to a favorite Dallas restaurant where they had the typical red, pink and white balloons around to show their festivity. The service was good; the food was good, nothing out of the ordinary for this delicious restaurant. However, when the check was brought, so was a single, long-stemmed rose along with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” from the waiter.  This small, simple act of kindness was extraordinary—just the slightest bit of appreciation that we chose them for our Valentine’s dinner meant something and it will always stand out for me.

I always talk about providing excellent customer service and going the extra step to give a personal touch or make a great impression. They did that last night at our restaurant of choice. I know my boyfriend, myself and other friends will go there more often now due to the little bit extra they do to make the customer’s experience special.

Did you have any great customer service experiences on Valentine’s Day?

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