4 Things You Should Never Do in Customer Service

I have talked a lot about things you should do in the customer service industry. But what about things you should never do? There are some key things you should never do in customer service.

  • Don’t get too personal with current or potential customers. You may feel that you have a great rapport with someone, and you might, just don’t take that too far and discuss politics or anything that goes along that thin line.
  • Sometime “no” really means “no”.  In customer service and sales you must find a fine line between persistence and being too pushy. Sometimes your product or service may not be right for someone. Let it go.
  • Be Confidently Unsure.  Yes, sometimes customers will ask you a question you’re unsure of—but don’t hymn and haw like you don’t know. Uncertainty is a turn-off for customers. Say “You know, I’m not sure of the answer on the top of my head but I will find someone who does. Would you like to hold or have me call you back once I know the answer?” Confidence is key.
  • Whether you’re in a meeting or talking with a colleague, put the phone away. You may have great customer service for your customers, but give the same respect to your colleagues.

Some of these tips may seem like common courtesy but pay attention and see if you do these without noticing. What other tips do you have for things not to do in customer service?


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