Make Your Customers Fall in Love with You

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and there is no shortage of red, pink and hearts… everywhere.  I can’t help but think of love—love for a spouse, a family member or a friend.  But why not love your customers? If you have a business, the best way to get noticed is by making your customers fall in love with you.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You need to make your customers your personal cheerleaders.

What about buying your personal cheerleaders though? No one likes fake love, so why have fake “love” on your Facebook and Twitter. I completely disagree with paying for “likes” or followers.  Yes, every business wants millions of fans, but you need actual fans that will love your product or service deep down and give you a positive, informed review or reference if you ever need one.  This will take time but if you’re persistent and continuously provide outstanding customer service you’ll get there eventually—and you’ll build an unbreakable network of fans.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

-Let customers know you appreciate them.
-Go above and beyond to help them.
-Call just to make sure they’re enjoying your  product  or service.
-Don’t just talk business—become their friend.

At PhaseWare, we have some customers who absolutely love us and they let us know it.  They’re the ones we call for references and they will do anything to give us a positive review. These true fans cannot be bought at any price. We appreciate them to no end and we know they appreciate us and the customer service and support we provide.

How do you get long-time, loyal supporters? Any tips or suggestions—I’d love to hear some ideas! 

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Valentine’s Day.


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