Stop Customer Service Issues before They Start

I truly believe that one of the best ways to work in customer service is by taking proactive measures to make sure you’re providing the best service possible.  Know what problems may come up before they occur. Say there’s a furniture warehouse and a shipment of 300 office cubicles gets delayed by one week.  If you were the customer, wouldn’t you want the company to call you and inform you of what happened to your order and how they’re going to resolve the issue, instead of you having to call and find out on your own.

Be proactive as a business.  Know what issues may arise—make a plan to solve the issues before it even happens.

One of PhaseWare’s customers uses our products to do just this.  Bob F. said:

Since we started using PhaseWare, I feel that we’ve been better able to track issues and keep them from becoming very serious. But the ability to collect data within PhaseWare, and any ongoing “conversation” about the issue between our company and the customer reporting the problem has contributed to delivering a better support service experience to our customers.

Find a product that works for you and be a proactive customer service powerhouse to your customers.

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