Customer Service Stare Down

Last night, I went to see The Grey, with Liam Neeson. It was 117 minutes of men staring death in the eye (don’t worry there’s not a spoiler in here).  One way Liam Neeson and his fellow crash victims held off these massive wolves was by staring them down.  They were giving off the vibe that they weren’t afraid of a fight. The same goes for other less intense situations—such as customer service—stare customer service issues in the eye.

When I worked in a call center, I would get so nervous that a customer would yell at me, or I would mess up.  We didn’t receive the proper training and would get in trouble for asking questions.   You need to approach every customer service situation with confidence.  When working in customer service, you can be worried about the customer getting upset with you, but in order to get the job done in an efficient manner, you must tackle it head on.  Stare the problem down. 

How can you be confident in your customer service?  Make sure your customer service representatives are trained so they can handle situations like this with confidence and ease. They need to know the ins-and-outs of the business, what they are and are not allowed to do, limitations, etc.  Giving your customer service representatives the knowledge and tools they need to solve an issue may take more time, but isn’t it worth it if your customer service efficiency improves?

How do you try and solve customer service issues at your business?   

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