How Social Are You, Really?

Like I’ve said time and time again, social media is an amazing tool to grow and improve your business, IF used in the proper way. It seems now that many companies have a social media outlet(s), but they don’t use it! You can’t put yourself out there and hope someone clicks on your Facebook page and decides to comment or interact with you. Social Media is a two-way street—a means of communicating and interacting with your current and potential clients and consumers.

I read a great blog recently about this topic and was shocked by this statistic, “AT Kearney’s 2ndAnnual Social Media Survey, released this past month, confirms that of the top 50 brands (measured by Interbrand), only a handful focus on two-way communication, and 27 did not respond to a single customer reply in the measured period.” How do those 27 companies expect to provide great customer service if they don’t even respond?

If you’re going to have a social media outlet, use it. If someone posts something, mentions you in a tweet, or re-tweets your post—say “thank-you” or reply to what they have said. Like I said yesterday, no one likes to be under-appreciated. Customers and people who are connected with you via social media, want you to be appreciative that they’re following you and listening to what you have to say. It’s great customer service.

Interact with people—that’s the point of social media!

Do you know of a company that does a great job of interacting with customers? If so, share the story with us below!


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