Don’t Under-Appreciate Great Customer Service

How often do you hear complaints about customer service? How often do you hear someone raving that they just received great customer service—probably not as often. I know we get upset when we have a frustrating experience, but why not get excited when we have a good one?

The other day I took a short lunch trip over to our local grocery store to refill my stock of frozen lunches and Starbucks coffee. After shopping around, I decided to skip my usual self-checkout since I had more items than normal. I approached the conveyor belt and was assaulted by a neon-orange sign cut out into a star-shape which read, “Ring my bell if you received great customer service!” and next to the card reader there was a little bell to ring.

This woman was friendly and processed my transaction quickly and with no issues. I stared that bell down for about 30 seconds deciding whether or not to ring it. I am ashamed to say I did not. It was quiet in the store and I just wanted to leave. As I walked out, disappointed in myself, I thought “how many people actually ring that bell and acknowledge that she did a great job—probably not a lot.” I practically preach customer service on a daily basis and am disappointed to say I didn’t practice what I preach.

I’m planning on going to this grocery store at lunch today and ringing someone’s customer service bell if they’re helpful.  It’s nice to get acknowledged and nice to be acknowledged if you’re doing a good job at work. So next time you’re at the grocery store and there’s a bell, ring it if you received good service. If you call into customer service and the person you speak with is helpful, let their supervisor know. Don’t let helpful customer service reps go unnoticed.

Do you do anything to let customer service representatives know when they’ve done a great job?

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