Top 10 Things Customers Want from You

There are plenty of ways to impress your customers and keep their loyalty, but what are the top things you should be focused on? I have composed a list of ten things you need to do for your customers and things they want from YOU!

  1. Have an exceptional product. The number one thing is to give your customers an amazing product or service.  People aren’t shopping for a nice customer service representative; they’re searching for a solution to their issue.
  2. Know what they want before they call.  Know your customers inside and out. Be able to anticipate a problem and start solving it before it happens or before they call you asking for help.
  3. Confidence. If you’re not confident in your product, your customer sure won’t be.
  4. Exceptional Customer Service. You have to have friendly, knowledgeable and efficient customer service representatives.
  5. Availability. Be available to your customers. There is not much that frustrates me more than having to sit on-hold for more than five minutes. If you consistently have to put customers on hold, maybe it’s time to hire another customer service rep.
  6. Add that personal touch. No one likes feeling underappreciated. Customers love knowing that they are on your radar. Send them an email to make sure they’re doing well and see if they have any questions for you. Be attentive to your customers.
  7. Give customers tools for success. In a previous blog I wrote about customers not always wanting your help. Give them tools necessary so they can succeed without having to call you for help all the time.
  8. Be Proactive. If you have a new product coming out and you know a customer would love it, let them know about it. Don’t make them go to you, go to them and inform them. Knowing that you’re thinking about their business will make it more personal and add that personal touch customers want.
  9. Ask for input. Besides you, no one knows your business better than your customers. Make them feel like a part of your business. Let them ask questions and make suggestions.
  10. Be HonestNever ever lie. You don’t want someone to think your product is perfect for them, when it’s really not. You want a customer fit for your product; they want a product fit for them. Simple as that.

These are some steps you need to take in order to gain and keep wonderful customers.

What are some things you do to retain happy customers?


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