3 Customer Service Trends Here to Stay Through 2012

In 2011, many people wrote about trends for customer service in 2011.  I’ve composed a list of 2011 trends which will continue trending throughout 2012.

Mobility: More companies were supposed to go mobile… and they did. From mobile apps to QR Codes, many companies are becoming accessible through smart phones which makes them more appealing to customers.  Businesses are going to have to strive to become more mobile into 2012 in order to keep up with competition.  According to ZDNet, 86% of Fortune 50 companies have gone mobile. That’s pretty incredible and that percentage is going to keep growing until it hits 100%.

Social Media:  Shocking, right? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse  when talking about social media (sorry for the bad cliché), but it’s becoming universally prevalent—it’s the present and future. “I don’t get it”, you say? Then you need to take classes and join Twitter to see what it’s all about. (Check out my other blog, “Why Your CEO Needs to Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon” for more information and tips).

Self Service: This is another popular trend which is most definitely sticking through 2012. It’s not that businesses don’t like talking with and interacting with their customers, but products such as our Self Service Center give customers the tools they need to figure out issues on their own. I know we, at PhaseWare, love getting to know our customers—self service is just another tool to help them.

These are three top customer service trends I saw in 2011 that I guarantee will continue into 2012. What trends do you think will continue into 2012 and why?



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