Customer Service Accessibility in a Multichannel World

Think back to when you were in school. I’m sure you had at least a few teachers that thought they could teach you everything by standing in front of the classroom and lecturing—I know I have had at least 10 teachers/professors that did that. It drove me insane. With all of the facts today about different learning styles (where approximately five percent of information is retained after a lecture) you would think teachers would adapt and integrate a variety of learning styles.  The same stands true when it comes to customer service and your customers.  Everyone learns differently.

You may remember a previous White Paper, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Multichannel World, which talks about best practices for engaging customers with multiple services and support channels.  Maybe people have slightly changed when it comes to knowledge retention but it’s practically the same, so why do some businesses expect their potential clients to learn about them through one form of media?

Like the White Paper says, it is a multichannel world—everyone is connecting through different points. In order to be successful in this ever-changing world, you MUST be accessible to the customer and give them information on any and all channels possible. Say you have a Twitter but not Facebook and a potential client has Facebook but not Twitter, that’s a problem.

If you’re accessible to your customers through social media, email, and website, you will appear more personable and knowledgeable to your current and future clientele. People are more prone to asking you questions if they can access you in multiple areas. 

Be accessible and remember, utilize all of your channels in our multichannel world!

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