Why First Call Resolution is Key to Successful Customer Service

First Call Resolution is a critical step to obtaining great customer service and support. In a previous PhaseWare Files blog we talked about how much it costs to field a support call from a customer—the answer was $10-$24. That was in 2009 and the cost is constantly rising. But what else does a support call cost you? I can promise you, and I’m sure you know it costs much more than money. It costs time!

According to a blog from Connexion, they did some math to try and figure out how much time an IT Support call actually cost you. They figured, that it takes approximately 10 minutes to try to fix the problem yourself, 5 minutes to make the phone call and describe the problem and 10 minutes to work with the support technician who is fixing the call (obviously give or take a few minutes).  That is 25 minutes per IT issue! Add that to your productivity loss as a result of the problem and the time really begins to add up.

If your company reports 20 IT support issues per month—that adds up to a ridiculous 8 hours, 20 minutes of lost time or an entire work day per month!

If your company could improve their First Call Resolution, you would save so much time, effort and money and you would have much happier customers.

What do you do to improve First Call Resolution and create a great customer experience? Are there any tips you would like to share?

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