Why Your CEO Needs to Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

You may think I talk endlessly about social media… and you’re correct.  I don’t want to waste anyone’s time talking about unimportant topics. I believe social media is #1 in just about every aspect of marketing and customer service which is why I promote it so much. It’s great for your company to have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. But why does your CEO need to have personal accounts on those social media sites?

More Exposure: Every business aspires to have maximum exposure. For example, it’s great if you have a Twitter account for your company, but you need to have a separate, personal account as well, especially if you’re the CEO.

Personal Relationship: Everyone loves being able to connect personally with companies they do business with. By having a personal Twitter account, CEO’s can make the company more personal and give the business a face & personality.

Increase Your Organic Traffic: Social media is FREE and what is better than free? Nothing. Companies usually see a spike in organic traffic after an executive, especially a CEO join the social media bandwagon. I know we did.

Some don’t believe in social media the way I do—as a way of promoting your business and helping with reputation and customer service. Trust me, it works if it’s done properly. I gave a presentation to our CEO—he now has a Twitter, along with our President and our traffic and leads have increased significantly.

For five more reasons your CEO should get social, click here!

What are your thoughts? Do you or the executives at your company have social media accounts? Have you seen an increase in traffic and or leads from it?


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