Why Customer Service Teams Should Use Ticket Deflection and Routing

As anyone who works in customer service can tell you, it is not uncommon to be asked questions that are outside your purview and that you might not be able to answer as effectively as another department can. By having an effective complaint management solution built into your customer service department, you will be able to route a customer’s complaint to where it can most quickly be solved. In return, increasing not only their overall satisfaction, but also allowing your customer service team to assist more customers within a set time span.

Automation Will Always Improve Efficiency

A crucial part of the set of imperative assets that your team uses should involve some form of automation, especially where your customer service department is concerned. By having intelligent automation, or artificial intelligence, correctly integrated into your customer service department’s already existing system, you remove the need of dedicating an agent to the sole task of assigning tickets to the relevant party who can solve them. Instead, you can automate your system to designate tickets that have specific words in them, such as “forgot password,” to the correct department.

Ticket Deflection and Self-Service Usage are Linked

By using customizable customer support software that successfully integrates ticket deflection into the already existing infrastructure of your customer service department, it will cause a significant uptick in the use of self-service portals, which are significantly linked with positive correlations where customer service feedback is concerned. People very much like to solve their own problems whenever possible, and self-service is a great way to give them the opportunity to do just that.

The Faster Your Service, The More Likely You Are to Meet Your Metrics

By having an effective complaint management solution integrated into your customer service department, one of the things that will happen is that you are more likely to meet your SLA’s, or service level agreements. These are internal metrics a company will often assign to its own customer service department as an means to quantify their expectations by putting actual numbers behind them. The more efficient the automation, the more likely it is these metrics will not only be met, but exceeded.

Ticket Deflection Allows You to Merge Both Fact and Feeling into an Effective Strategy

When ticket deflection is implemented correctly, it allows an agent to gauge how a customer felt at the time they logged their complain. Then based on the agent’s experience and skill level with the problem at hand, they can choose to either keep the ticket for themselves or pass it on to a supervisor. The important thing to note here is how that decision process can be made much more quickly when ticket deflection is an option.

For more information about how ticket deflection via customizable customer support software can improve your customer service department, contact the team at PhaseWare today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this topic or one of our many software solutions.

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