Which Departments Benefit from Self-Service?

Companies around the globe have embraced self-service portals which allow clients to access data, utilize ticketing systems, and communicate seamlessly with in-house support teams. In fact, customer support services have benefited in countless ways from putting the accessibility into the client’s hands. However, it’s not just support staff who enjoy a more streamlined process. These benefits also cascade down to other departments within an organization. Understanding the full range of advantages you’ll get from implementing this type of software will help you decide if it’s right for you.

More Insight for Your Sales Team

The more data your sales team has regarding client behavior, the better equipped they are when courting new business. Self-service software provides you with reports regarding usage, downloads and what kind of participation there is on client forums. These client forums provide valuable insight into what issues your customers are talking about and what questions are popping up again and again. All this information helps sales teams target the right clients and know exactly what features to highlight. They can also use the portal during presentations to show the different features a prospective client would have access to.

Marketing Support

Marketing teams need information regarding customer behavior along with knowledge concerning their target client’s wants and needs. This helps them build highly-focused marketing campaigns. Using the same information sales teams use, marketers can better understand the features that mean the most to their target audience. They can also look at the most sought-out topics in the software’s knowledge base in order to produce topic ideas for SEO strategies. In addition, utilizing customizable customer support software means you can extend your B2B’s branding into the client portal. This brand recognition is a great trust builder and helps back up your reputation.

IT Services

IT benefits from a more streamlined process when using a service center that client’s control themselves. They can take advantage of automated requests from clients for enhancements or fixes. They can also let client’s test new features and apps. In addition, when clients utilize the knowledge base, they can resolve issues themselves instead of relying on IT solutions. Furthermore, the visual workflows reporting provides ease of use when it comes to task management and notifications.


Finally, the benefits support teams enjoy from self-service directly affects management as well. With a fewer number of calls and incident tickets to deal with, the productivity of existing staff greatly increases. Management also enjoys a more streamlined operation when support reps are focused only on specific accounts and can tailor their workflow to the client’s needs. They can also more easily reduce future support costs, as fewer resources and staff will be needed to serve client’s needs.

Your B2B support team will receive the most direct assistance from client-controlled portals. However, over time the benefits will definitely be seen throughout other departments as well. If you’re ready to implement the software you need to make this happen, PhaseWare can help. Contact us today to learn more.


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