What is the Key to Exceptional Customer Service?

Customer service isn’t an exact science. There are a number of moving parts that need to come together to ensure your client’s needs are met. In addition, each organization requires a different approach to have a successful customer support. What’s right for you, all depends on the type of product you sell, the size of your business, and the needs of your clients. However, all support departments must exhibit healthy collaboration. This is one of the driving forces behind a successful customer experience.

Unfortunately, team collaboration doesn’t just happen overnight. In high-volume support departments, agents must use tools such as configurable customer service software to help ensure everyone is on the same page. But even with these tools, you need to understand what features will lead to exceptional service and stronger internal collaboration. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Customized Dashboards for Consistent Service

Every agent in your support department needs to have access to the most current client data at all times. If they don’t, errors will undoubtedly occur. Things like contact information, SLA terms, and ticketing history all need to be consolidated. In addition, all agents should be able to track the progress of a ticket from inception to resolution. This ensures they can jump on a ticket at any point in its lifecycle and know what other agents have worked on it. This can all be achieved by implementing software for B2B customer service into your operation. Doing so will allow agents to customize their own dashboards while still maintaining up-to-date information on each client. They can be sure that when they share this information with other agents, it’s consistent across all channels.

An Internal Knowledge Base

When it comes to agent collaboration, an internal knowledge base is one of the most imperative assets in your support arsenal. It allows your agents to have instant access to information regarding your product or service. This can serve as an invaluable resource when assisting clients with complicated issues. The best part of an internal knowledge base is your agents can add to and edit it in real time. This means all agents have access to the same product information, regardless of when they access it. Agents can also share content within the internal knowledge base. For example, if one agent is having trouble with a ticket, they can request help from another team member via chat. That team member can then send a link to relevant content needed to solve the client’s issue.

Multi-Channel Support

If your agents must switch between different channels while assisting clients, they need configurable customer service software. When they don’t have it, information can get lost, redundancies can occur, and resolution times can slow down. In addition, the ability to move between channels creates a more suitable environment for collaboration. Agents that excel at certain channels can easily assist agents through their own dashboard. The result is a stronger sense of unity and a better understanding of the team’s goals.

Start Providing Exceptional Customer Service Now

Without top-notch customer support, you risk losing clients to your competition. Avoid this by promoting internal collaboration and utilizing the right technology.

PhaseWare can help by implementing software for B2B customer service into your operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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