Transform your customer support management with real-time visual data

We live in a data-driven world. Numbers determine business practices and influence consumer decisions. But numbers are boring. Spreadsheets can be tedious and confusing. 

As it turns out, reading numbers from spreadsheets and reports actually leads to slower processing and decreased understanding. According to research, people process visual information like charts and graphs with greater clarity than when given raw data. 

When your use of data dictates the efficiency of your B2B customer service efforts, you need quick access to the vital information in a way that facilitates understanding and action. Of course, faster processing goes hand-in-hand with faster action¾and customer support is all about delivering a prompt response.   

Enter PhaseWare’s Tracker Suite. 

Tracker Suite is fully configurable to measure important data in real time.  Dashboard charts and gauges show current rates of incidences like unresolved calls, tickets, or live chat sessions. 


While standard ticket tracking software might indicate that your company has four unresolved tickets, Tracker transforms raw information into contextualized visual data. 

Having access to real-time incident reports can mean the difference between customer service success or disaster. PhaseWare is especially useful for keeping businesses ahead of customer service trends. According to Software Advice, 56 percent of U.S. adults age 18 to 34 prefer live chat over phone support. 

For proactive customer service support like live chat, Tracker excels at showing up-to-date accounts of customer service efforts (like first time ticket resolution rates) with real time incident management¾when you need it. 

For more traditional customer service issues, the Event Engine visually notifies users to take action. Users can customize alerts to pop up when a specific event like an anomalous critical event, escalation in activity, or when deadline reaches a predetermined threshold. 

Customer service metrics like open tickets for calls, emails, live chat, and form submissions can all be visualized using Tracker and remembered with Event Engine. 

So if your B2B software or services company typically has 50 open call tickets at any given time, you could set up notifications to trigger if open call tickets exceed 75. This notification would tell your customer service management that additional help is needed. This larger call volume may also signify that a larger problem, or critical issue exists somewhere in the customer experience. 

By making customer service a holistic, accessible, and understandable process with visualized data and customizable reminders, you can spend more time helping customers, and less time trying to sort out numbers. 

With customizable charts and graphs with the Tracker dashboard, you can emphasize form reporting and complaint monitoring, or call tracking and lead generation–all depending on each department’s needs. 

You need information fast. PhaseWare’s visualized customer service data tracker helps you respond quickly and accurately.


Don’t get blindsided by any next-day or end of quarter surprises. Request a demo to see first-hand how PhaseWare helps you focus on the bottom line (and, of course) customer satisfaction.




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