The Top 3 Customer Service Tips

Amazing customer service doesn’t happen on accident. The perfect combination of team collaboration, product knowledge, and organizational tactics must be employed and utilized on a daily basis in order to expect a success in the customer service department. It’s all about strategy. Here’s a good look at some of the best items to include when encouraging your team to be the best they can be.



#1: Multichannel customer support. Now you may be thinking, “Of course people want multiple channels, what company these days doesn’t have a multichannel system?” But it’s time to step outside the box with channels. Customers today want a company which listens when they speak, is able to anticipate problems before they really arise, and begins servicing customer concerns before the customer even reaches out to company representatives. There are a good number of potential ways to accomplish such feats, but the most effective one is to bulk up and invest in the performance of yourself-service portal. In addition to all the other positive benefits providing necessary self-service tools, statistics show that customers will spend 35% more with companies who provide quick access to common information and easy self-service for quicker resolutions.

#2: Track performance. Allowing customers to participate in the growth of your company is a surefire way to improve your team and your product in the most lucrative manner. By keeping a close eye on customer feedback results and ensuring that your representatives are providing the right kind of support, you will be able to stay ahead of the game and make more beneficial decisions to improve your customer service ratings on a regular basis.



#3: Prioritize support. Oftentimes customer service can be viewed as an afterthought to product purchases, the real point of the company. It’s an add-on that companies keep around to deal with the questions and concerns, which would only really be used if something has gone awry. This is the most detrimental way to view customer support, and it can cost your company heaps of time and money. Let your team know that customer service is about guiding the customer, hearing the customer, anticipating the customer, and meeting their needs from start to finish. Studies have shown that 81% of customers would be willing to pay more money in order to receive high quality customer service. That’s actionable data; your team can move forward with this mindset starting right now.

Customer service isn’t a side effect, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Focusing on giving your customers the full experience will greatly improve your satisfaction rates, product development, and even your sales numbers.

Customer service is a team effort, and PhaseWare is ready to help. Contact us today to get your hands on some of the best customer service software out there.

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