The Power of Conversational AI

High-quality interactions with your client base are the key to a successful B2B organization. This makes sense, given that your business partners rely heavily on your product to ensure their own success. However, support teams often find it hard to provide consistently positive interactions across all channels. This is an area where artificial intelligence can be a serious game changer.

Conversational AI involves the use of tools such as chatbots, messaging apps, and virtual assistants to provide a more personalized, human-like interaction. For support teams, this helps ensure the customer experience remains top-notch at all times. If this is something your organization has struggled with, keep reading. We’re going over the advantages of integrating conversational AI into your existing operation.

A Better Experience Than Predictive AI

The problem with old-school chatbots was they weren’t capable of quality speech recognition. This resulted in a very rigid, often confusing interaction. Sure, they may be equipped with predictive AI, which gathers data and tracks user trends, but this doesn’t do much for the quality of interaction customers get. Conversational AI, on the other hand, is geared towards a more dynamic, personalized experience. These tools are able to recognize natural speech and pick up on keywords that help form detailed responses. They can also pass clients off to a live agent if the issue is too complex. This functionality will help improve both your user functionality and client satisfaction.

Works Well with a Self-Service Channel

The use of self-service portals has become more and more popular as a support channel. They allow consumers to find their own answers to product issues and educate themselves so they can avoid future headaches. These portals also provide clients with a chat feature that can provide further assistance. This is the perfect environment for a conversational AI tool. Because they can be accessed 24/7, support teams don’t have to worry about monitoring portals around the clock. Plus, these chatbots can report client issues to live agents who can follow up at a later time to ensure a resolution was reached.

Great for Quick Support Issues

Your B2B clients are as busy, if not busier than you are. They don’t have time to wait while an issue is filtered through multiple channels. However, a chatbot or virtual assistant with conversation AI has the ability to provide a fast solution when an issue arises. This could even mean seamlessly integrating with your self-service knowledge base to deliver further resources your clients can use. In fact, a chatbot could send a direct link to relevant content during the chat session. This level of support speeds up resolution times, which is great for your customer experience.

Make Conversational AI a Part of Your Support Process

Don’t let outdated tools deflate your customer experience and damage your business reputation. Start integrating conversational AI tools into your operation and enjoy client retention and a streamlined process.

PhaseWare can help your support department evolve by providing customizable B2B software. Contact us today to learn more.

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