The Best Ways to Handle High Ticket Volume in Customer Service

Healthy resolution times are a defining characteristic of an effective support team. It’s also something consumers and businesses have come to expect. However, even with tools like customizable customer support software in place, support agents can get overwhelmed easily. High ticket volume is one of the most common ways this can happen.

When agents have to deal with an unreasonable number of tickets on a daily basis, the quality of your customer experience decreases in a hurry. Agents have to rush through client interactions, details get lost, and product resolutions aren’t seen through to the end. In addition to causing client frustration, this can burn out your support team. Fortunately, there are some things you can do. Let’s go over a few tactics.

Take Full Advantage of Support Software

High-quality support software is a must, you need to be taking advantage of the right features to help manage ticket volume. Automated support tools are some of your most effective weapons. Ticket automation ensures each request sent by a client is filtered to the right agent. This eliminates the need to sift through requests and manually assign them based on their subject. In addition, email automation means agents don’t have to worry about sending follow-ups after a ticket gets resolved. Another benefit of support software is it allows agents to manage incoming requests from a number of channels through a single interface. This streamlines the process so you don’t end up with redundancies and incorrect information.

A Comprehensive Knowledge Base

One of the best ways to handle high ticket volume is to cut down on the number of tickets being created in the first place. This is easily achieved by integrating a self-service portal into your operation. More specifically, a thorough knowledge base clients can access when they run into a problem. This acts as a repository for information regarding your product. When they run into an issue, clients can find answers to their questions on their own time without having to send in a ticket. This will take a lot of the workload off your agents. Furthermore, by tracking user behavior in your portal, you can see what issues your clients are encountering the most. This will allow you to make product changes and refine your knowledge base so it becomes more effective over time.

Proactive Support

A growing trend in the customer service industry is proactive support. This involves reaching out to your clients before an issue develops. If done correctly, this will reduce the number of inbound tickets your agents have to handle. There are a few approaches to proactive support. One way is to send information to your clients before a product update. This information should be geared toward handling issues you feel the update could cause. Another useful approach is to send out client surveys related to your product on a regular basis. The feedback you get could help you troubleshoot issues before they happen. It could also help your agents provide custom support catered to individual clients.

Get Control of High Ticket Volume Now

As your business grows, so does your clients’ need for support. If you’re dealing with overwhelming ticket volume, use the tips above and take some stress off your agents.

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